Individual solutions for the automotive industry in the field of automation

Automation in the automotive industry

Automotive industry

Automotive industry

As the automotive industry increasingly faces enormous pressure in the fields of competitiveness and success, it is only perfect quality, the proper observation of specified development cycles, and JIT deliveries that guarantees success on the world market. KBH can meet the high demands of the automotive industry, and for many years has been developing and manufacturing individual solutions for material flow needs for manufacturing processes and transport systems.

KBH responds to new technologies and new material processing and develops clean and economically valuable concepts for the future market. The automotive industry expects its suppliers to strictly adhere to a zero fault strategy.

As a supplement to this, automation brings quick and effective production to the automotive industry. As less manual work is used, the margin of human error is considerably lessened. Many measures concerning quality and safety can be integrated into automated processes.

The highest requirements are imposed on special machines and combined machine complexes suppliers during the selection thereof. KBH with its team of qualified employees has recognized the path leading to the aim of highest quality, and has already adapted to new automotive industry requirements in the field of automation.