KBH Gantry Loader / Gantry equipment for the automation industry

Gantry Loader / Linear Reloader

Gantry Loader


Gantry equipment for the automation industry

A handling system for linearly interconnected manufacturing machines or in individual automated machine units.

Gantry LoaderKBH linear NC reloaders are characterised by stability and strength. The 2010 series is used for workpieces, such as transmission shafts up to a weight of 10 kg.

The 250 series is for particularly heavy workpieces, e.g. crankshafts up to a weight of 30 kg for passenger cars, or assembly components for trucks.

The reinforced special structure of a reloader makes it possible to deliver the heaviest workpieces up to a weight of 250 kg directly into a machine tool, and then unload after machining.

Configuration variants are, among other things, independent travelling trucks, H-reloaders with two vertical axes, double grippers with swing head, upper transfer with combined travelling truck, and fitting with several independently-driven trucks.


Fields of application:
  • Workpiece handling
  • Loading and unloading of semi-product and workpieces into and from machines
  • Connection of combined machine sections
  • Workpiece unstacking and stacking
  • Workpieces of many shapes and up to a weight of 250 kg
  • Depending on the type of feeder and workpiece weight
Various types of drives:
  • Pneumatic
  • Asynchronous motor, with a frequency converter
  • Servomotor with NC-control
  • Option of implementing high accelerations
  • Maximum travelling speed of approx. 3 m/s
  • Small moving masses
  • Simple design, nearly maintenance-free
  • High dynamism
  • Short workpiece change times
  • High resistance even if used continually

Video - Gantry Loader

Technical drawing – Linear Reloader

Technical drawing - Gantry Loader