Rotary station allowing rotating and then turning of large workpieces.

Rotary Equipment – Rotary Station

Horizontal turning tation - Rotary Equipment


Rotary equipment with a travelling unit

A KBH rotary station can be built in as a separate unit to transport systems, shuttle systems, or in the field of transport equipment and automation.
The location of a rotary station can be both inside a machining centre and also outside mechanical equipment.

This rotary equipment has been designed and manufactured in order to allow flat rotary parts that have a diameter of 300 to 780 mm, machined by 180 degrees. The weight of workpieces can be up to 1,000 kg. The maximum time of one cycle is 50 s.

Examples of workpieces:
  • Round workpiece up to a weight of 1,000 kg
  • Workpiece diameter up to approx. 750 mm
  • Electromechanical clamping and rotating
  • Quick and simple rotating and turning over of large pieces of up to 180 degrees

  • Loading and unloading are carried out by means of an intrinsic travelling unit

Video - Rotary Equipment

3D drawing of a KBH rotary station

3D drawing - Horizontal turning tation - Rotary Equipment