New Trends in Transport Conveyors – Conveyor Equipment – Transport Equipment – Special Machinery

New trends in automation and mechanical engineering

New trends in automation

New trends in automation

Scientific success thanks to new developments in the field of automation

Automation increases production productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Thanks to the intensive use of automation equipment, competitiveness in business is increasing significantly. For this reason, the area of mechanical engineering and especially machine development also faces new challenges and must make new demands focused on new and saving technologies in the future.

KBH has prepared itself for these changes as much as possible by developing technologies with good prospects in the fields of automation, transport systems, transport equipment, and handling equipment.

In addition to the standardization of these systems, new trends for demands in the future have also been successfully planned and implemented. Thanks to optimum quality that ensures the functionality and long durability of its products and services, KBH has gained a very good reputation in the machine automation market.

KBH wants to face these changes in various branches into the future by developing new technologies in the fields of transport equipment, material transport, and individual combinations of machine complexes and equipment.