The modification of transport conveyors, transport equipment and handling equipment

Modification and extension of KBH machines and equipment

KBH Automation

Modification of KBH machines

Requirements are always increasing as part of economic competition. Businesses must adapt to the changing needs of their customers by utilising new technologies. The modification and modernization of any existing fleet of machines is the guarantee of efficiency and optimum manufacturing quality.

KBH as a partner with professional customer support ensures that a customer is up to speed on the latest developments. Obsolete KBH equipment, machines and production lines can be modified and extended so that expensive investments in new machines and equipment may not always be necessary or at least reduced.


If a modernization pays off from the economic point of view, then both costs and scarce time can be saved.

If, however, machines and equipment show the effects of high wear, a new investment is probably the most sensible alternative. Also here KBH presents itself as a partner which offers its potential, and develops and manufactures transport equipment, transport conveyors, and special machines in full compliance with customer requirements.