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Roller track for shafts

Roller Track


Roller track

A simple roller track for the linear transport of shafts and pipes/tubes of various diameters and lengths. Careful transport is carried out on friction rollers made of special plastic.

Fields of application:
  • Transport of a workpiece on friction rollers
  • Dry and wet machining
  • Suitable also for sensitive seating surfaces in cumulative processes
  • Roller workpieces without large projections
  • For light-weight workpieces
  • Quicker and more careful transport of parts
  • Conveyer is very easy to install
  • More belts, arranged one after another and adjustable, for long transport lines
  • Option for a passage door in the transport line
  • Economically advantageous solution
  • Modular assembly
  • Option for additional roller track extension
Roller Track


Roller Track for Shafts

Technical drawing – Roller Track for Shafts

A roller track can be designed in various lengths.

Technical drawing - Roller Track for Shafts