Shifting Roller Belt - Transport conveyor for workpieces with a smooth surface

Transport Conveyor - Slippage-free Roller Conveyor



Slippage-free Roller Conveyor - Shifting Roller Belt

A transport system designed for the combination of machine complexes in chip machining processes. For the transport of workpieces with a flat seating surface, without a workpiece carrier and with small dynamic pressure.

Fields of application:
  • Linear combination without workpiece carriers
  • Rotationally symmetrical workpieces
  • Castings, forged pieces
  • Brake wheels, clutch disks
  • Flywheels, sliding sleeves
  • Cylinder liners
  • Cylinder heads, engine blocks
  • Steel chains, hardened steel rollersn
  • Low wear and chip resistant
  • Workpiece placing due to arranged transport
  • Workpieces are carried, no friction drive
  • Safe and gentle transport of workpieces
  • Lower dynamic pressure
  • Small roller spacing
Slippage-free Roller Conveyor


Slippage-free Roller Conveyor

Technical drawing of a roller conveyor with slippage

A roller conveyor with slippage can be manufactured in various lengths and widths of rollers.

Technical drawing - Slippage-free Roller Conveyor