Repair, maintenance, and renovation of KBH machines, transport conveyors, and transport systems

Maintenance and repair of KBH machines and equipment

Maintenance / Repairs

Maintenance - Repairs

The regular and professional maintenance of KBH machines and equipment ensures the long life of existing equipment, thus increasing their utilization for the user.

Due to the regular maintenance of KBH machines and equipment, their reliability also increases. This also significantly increases the durability of expendable parts.

If the wear of especially stressed components has already progressed, this fact can be recognized in time during regular preventative maintenance. The replacement of these spare parts can be specifically planned in this way. Spare part delivery through KBH is often also possible for older machines and equipment.


Our repair service at the place of destination

In addition, if any piece of KBH equipment is put out of service at any time, we offer our customers a repair service directly at the work place. We always do our best to repair the machine as soon as possible.

Our service technicians analyze the source of the fault in your equipment as quickly as possible, and then decide whether it is necessary to replace only individual parts or the whole machine group. During a mutual dialogue conducted with our customers the next steps are discussed, so that manufacture is recommenced faultlessly and as soon as possible.