Automation Industrial Robots

KBH offers well thought-out solutions for an optimal material flow.

Robots are the perfect complement in automation. They ensure the efficiency and flexibility of production capacities and increase product diversity. But these are by no means all the aspects that make the use of an industrial robot attractive.

automation industrial robots

Robots in conjunction with transport and handling systems

With steadily increasing production demands, companies must prepare now for the needs of the future. Flexible solutions in the field of automation are in demand. Robots cooperating with transport and handling systems can create a great synergy effect.

Particularly where machines are still loaded and workpieces removed with manpower, automated processes with robots can ensure greater efficiency. Industrial robots can be regarded as universally usable movement specialists. Their movements, sequences of movements and paths are freely programmable.

Industrial robots can be equipped with grippers and tools. This gives them the ability to perform manufacturing and other tasks with a speed and accuracy that would not be possible for humans.

Automation in synergy with industrial robots

KBH has made it its business to optimise solutions in the field of material flow in such a way that conveyor systems merge with industrial robots and storage technology to form an effective process.

In cooperation with innovative robot manufacturers, we develop solutions that enable your robot applications to reach their full potential.


Video - KBH industrial robot

Video Example of the fine motor skills of an industrial robot in an automated measuring process.

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