Handling System and Handling Technology

Handling technology or handling systems means conveying systems, gantry loaders or facilities which can provide for material flow from one manufacturing unit to another manufacturing cell. Such transport systems and conveying systems are used particularly in automation and engineering.

handling systems

Optimise your processes with handling systems

As a result of the enormous competitive pressure which has been developing continuously due to globalization, many manufacturing companies in the area of engineering and the automotive industry are currently forced to further optimize and automate their processes.

The maximum utilization of machine running times and the minimization of non-productive downtimes are the key to higher efficiency, cost effectiveness, and competitiveness in future years.

The KBH handling systems

KBH provides a tailor-made program for your handling systemsfor the current requirements and demands of the industry. In terms of feeding technology, up-to-date pneumatic systems as well as power intensive hydraulic grabs can be used.

KBH pays particular attention to high efficiency and flexibility in planning individual handling systems. Flexible handling systems or even handling systems feature the advantage that a single facility can handle various component parts.

The KBH facilities are quick to convert to a different component part in a very short changeover time. This in turn has the advantage that better adaptation to the market is possible at any time. That’s why flexible handling systems guarantee higher production capacity in single processes. KBH Automation is glad to provide you with advice on where you can enhance potential in your company by means of the targeted application of handling systems.

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