Paternoster Workpiece Storage

Workpiece storage as a space-saving loading and unloading solution

In automation and mechanical engineering, workpieces often have to be stored temporarily to ensure a continuous production process.

Video - KBH Paternoster for workpieces

Video - Paternoster for workpieces

Workpiece storage in confined spaces

The workpiece storage system as a paternoster was developed in order to be able to store as many workpieces as possible in the smallest possible space and to enable quick access during production if required.

In this example, setting workpieces were stored that were needed for setting up production machines.

If there is an increased need to store workpieces, a higher design is always possible with this storage unit.

paternoster workpiece storage

Workpiece storage

Due to the modular design of the workpiece carriers, different workpiece shapes and different workpiece sizes can be stored temporarily in a production process.

The workpiece carriers can be individually read by means of a pin coding located underneath the pallets, thus enabling direct assignment of the workpieces.

paternoster workpiece storage Technical drawing


  • Vertical conveyor for multi-sided loading
  • Workpiece carrier as free-swinging gondola technology for easy conversion
  • Base frame made of a stable and very flexible aluminium profile
  • A modular construction that can be individually adapted to customer requirements

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