Straightening machines

KBH straightening machine for shafts and tubes

KBH builds straightening machines in two basic series with 10 t and 30 t bending force. The completely new concept for straightening rotary workpieces has been patented under patent no. 0979690.

The decisive innovation consists in the servo drive installed centrally in the upper part of the machine, which transmits a linear movement of the straightening force directly to the workpiece via a cam roller. This design, in conjunction with the completely newly developed software, enables more precise straightening results than before. The solution of the most difficult straightening tasks for small crankshafts, gear shafts and shift forks only became possible with this trend-setting concept.

Video - KBH Straightening machine

Video - Straightening machine

Straightening machine for tubes

This automatic straightening line was developed to straighten tubes that are built into the body of passenger cars.

In order to achieve a cycle time of 5 seconds, two identical straightening stations had to be arranged one behind the other. The changeover of the production line and the two straightening stations to other dimensions is done automatically.

In the straightening station, this is made possible by the laser triangulation sensors. These sensors measure the impact of the workpiece.

straightening machine for shafts

Drive types:

  • electromagnetic drive, servo motors, pneumatic cylinders


  • Straightening line for several sizes of a given component


  • Measurement with laser technology
  • High repeat accuracy
  • pre-programmed, self-learning straightening process

3D drawing - KBH shaft straightening machine

Automatic straightening line for straightening turned parts such as shafts, tubes and other rotating parts.

3D straightening machine for shafts

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