Friction Roller Conveyor

Friction Roller Conveyor - Slippage-free Roller Conveyor

A universal transport system designed for operational multiple complex specifications. For the accumulating transport of workpieces with a smooth and flat bottom surface, as well as heavy containers or cases with or without a pallet.


Fields of application: :

  • Arrangement of machines in halls within a machining process and assembly


  • Engine blocks, cylinder heads, oil tanks, aluminium sleeves
  • Gear wheels, brake wheels, hub wheels
  • Among other things, workpiece carriers


  • Friction adjustability
  • Built-in friction clutch
  • Drive through tangential chain and chain wheels
  • 90° corner station available


  • Variable, dimensionable spacing of rollers
  • Variable width of rollers
  • Simple replacement of individual rollers
  • Rollers with maintenance-free ball seating


friction roller conveyor automation friction roller conveyor Friktionsrollenband für Werkstücke

Technical drawing – Slippage-free Roller Conveyor

A slippage-free roller conveyor can be manufactured in various designs and sizes:

friction roller conveyor - technical drawing

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