Circular Storage Table

KBH rotary storage as intermediate storage for workpieces

Storage tables, also known as buffer tables, are used as workpiece storage in the field of automation to make production processes fail-safe. In this way, short-term production stops can be bridged and production downtimes can be avoided.

circular storage table

Storage table

Due to the continuous rotation of the turntable, the workpieces are evenly distributed on the workpiece storage table.

With the help of the deflector, which is located on the outer edge, the workpieces are moved to the centre. This allows new workpieces to be placed on the turntable manually or by means of a mechanical transfer.

A switch mounted in the centre of the storage unit signals to the control system that the storage capacity has been exhausted. In this example, the workpieces are removed manually.

KBH circular-storage table - technical drawing

Field of application:

  • Intermediate storage of workpieces as well as products.


  • Ensuring a continuous material flow
  • Bridging of machine breakdowns
  • Further provision of workpieces for short-term maintenance work or repairs

Technical drawing - Circular storage

The KBH round storage table can be designed in various versions and dimensions:

Technical drawing - Circular storage

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