Towing Frame Conveyor

A KBH conveyor with drag frames is available in light-weight or heavy versions.

This is a transport system with open frames, serving to transport and quickly change workpieces in the automation of machining centres. Both rotationally symmetrical parts and parts of almost any form of envelope can be transported. Thanks to the NC-drive, the accuracy of part positioning is approx. 0.3 mm.

The transport of a workpiece is carried out by means of a chain with hollow pins into which drag frames are hung. Drag frames are mostly mounted manually. Finished workpieces can be taken from the transport system during a machining process.


Fields of application:

  • Dry and wet machining
  • raw parts with cast or forged skin
  • for insensitive contact surface


  • for light as well as heavy workpieces (up to approx. 80kg)
  • for workpieces with a stable support surface
schlepprahmenband mit Werkstücke


  • simple, cost-effective design
  • Large range of workpieces possible without retooling
  • workpiece loading and unloading possible during the machining process


  • Different number and size of drag frames possible
  • simple exchange of the drag frames
  • Precise workpiece positioning


towing frame conveyor towing frame conveyor automation towing frame conveyor towing frame conveyor KBH

Technical drawing - towing frame conveyor

The KBH drag frame belt can be designed in various versions and dimensions.

towing frame conveyor 3d technical drawing

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