KBH Conveying Equipment Engineering

KBH conveyor belts and conveyor technology for safe and gentle transport of your products and workpieces. We take care of the entire process for you, from planning to design and manufacture to assembly and commissioning.

As a manufacturer, we manufacture conveyor belts and conveyor technology for industry, mechanical engineering and production. We attach great importance to the highest technical standards and have many years of experience in the design and assembly of individual conveyor belts. We already take into account special customer requests and dimensions in the planning phase and development of the system.

KBH friction roller conveyor

Friction Roller Conveyor

KBH toothed chain conveyor

Toothed Chain Conveyor

KBH shifting roller belt

Slippage-free Roller Belt

KBH pawl bel magazine

Pawl Belt Magazine for shafts and tubes

KBH flat chain conveyor

Flat Chain Conveyor for workpieces

KBH prism stroke conveyor

Prismatic Conveyor for Shafts

KBH pallet circulation conveyor

Pallet Circulation Conveyor

KBH pallet cycle conveyor

Pallet Cycle Conveyor for workpieces

KBH pallet accumulating conveyor

Pallet accumulating conveyor

KBH towing frame conveyor

Towing Frame Conveyor

KBH roller conveyor for shafts

roller conveyor for shafts


What is special about our conveyor belts?

Not only do they stand out from the competition due to their solid construction, but they have also proven themselves when used in difficult environments. These include environments with heavy chip development, cast dust or drilling emulsions and lubricants.

With our range of conveyor belts, toothed chain belts, roller belts or indexing belts, we provide a wide selection of conveyor technology products. If you need automation solutions for your company's intralogistics, we at KBH are your competent partner.

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