KBH customer services

Services in mechanical engineering, automation and plant construction

In order to meet the growing demands in mechanical engineering and automation, KBH not only designs suitable transport systems for its customers, but also offers services in many areas of work.

Installation and commissioning

The installation and commissioning of KBH installations is an important part of our overall service package.

This means that incorrect installation or operating errors can be avoided through correct set-up and installation.

Error prevention even before the start of production!

Maintenance and repair

Another service area is the maintenance and repair of older machines. Damage can be detected at an early stage and expensive repairs can be avoided. Our experienced service technicians offer quick on-site analysis and troubleshooting so that your ongoing operations are not interrupted at all or only for a short time. Regular maintenance also guarantees the consistent quality of your products and a long service life for your machines and systems.

Spare parts supply

Many machines and systems are exposed to heavy loads and wear parts have to be replaced at regular intervals. KBH offers you fast provision of spare parts.

A short description of which parts are heavily worn or defective is already sufficient for us to make an initial diagnosis and ensure the provision of new machine parts for you.

Conversion of KBH installations

Outdated KBH installations, machines and product lines can be converted or extended even after a long period of operation in such a way that, under certain conditions, expensive investments in new installations and machines are not always necessary.

Rely on our high-quality service and let us convince you of our performance!