Pallet Circulation Conveyor

KBH Pallet Conveyor – Circular Pallet Conveyor

A transport system with horizontal pallet circulation for the arranged transport of workpieces that require transport on carriers/pallets. Our circular pallet conveyer has been completely newly developed with the aim of achieving significant improvements. The basis of the system (that is unchanged) remains a well-tried flat chain consisting of steel crescents.

An essential difference consists in the fact that the new system has been completely built into a closed sheet-metal case, and the basic structure now consists of aluminium sections. Compared to the previous sliding friction design, the bends have been changed to rolling bends with curve rollers carried in ball bearings.

Pallet Conveyor (narrow track)

Video Pallet Conveyor (narrow track)

Advantages of the new design:

  • Simplified assembly by means of system sections
  • Closed drain pan under the system
  • Reduction of system frictional resistances, especially in bend points
  • Very low turning radius, buildable from 200 mm
  • Larger belt lengths buildable with one central drive
  • Higher total load of a workpiece – weight transportable within the system

Advantages until now remain unchanged:

  • Stable heavy duty structure
  • High resistance to sharp chips and emulsions
  • Wear-resistant transport systemm
  • Structure resistant to dripping water
pallet circulation conveyor for workpieces


  • safe transport of workpieces
  • high capacity of pallet carriers
  • robust design
  • suitable for heavy as well as massive workpieces

Pallet Conveyor (wide track)

pallet circulation conveyor workpiece- orders

Circulating conveyor with workpiece carriers:

Track spacings of 1200, 1400 and 1600 mm are possible for the pallet circulating conveyor with wide track. Depending on the space available, the circulation belt is adapted to the corresponding requirements in terms of length and width.

For the workpiece carriers, we offer a wide range of different models and designs. Each pallet is individually adapted to the workpieces of our customers. This ensures safe and gentle transport.

Our pallet circulation belts are built so solidly that they can transport a total weight of up to 1200 kg (incl. workpiece carriers).

By using a separating stop and a stopper, our customer has the possibility to control the cycle of the individual workpieces himself. This ensures optimum coordination with the machining centre. The cycle can be manual or automated.


Video - KBH Pallet Circulation Conveyor (wide track)

Video Transport systems for workpiece carriers

3D Technical drawing of a pallet conveyer

The KBH pallet conveyor can be designed in various versions, as an L-shape conveyor, oval conveyor or as a rectangular conveyer.
The workpiece carriers can also be individually modified to meet our customers' specifications.

3D Technical drawing of a pallet conveyer

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