Vertical storage for workpieces

Workpiece storage systems - KBH workpiece storage system

Intermittent chain storage, a decoupling module for compensating for production fluctuations and overproduction. In the field of storage technology and storage systems, KBH Automation offers workpiece storage systems in various designs and dimensions.

vertical magazine

Field of application:

  • Workpiece buffers for corridor linkages
  • Decoupling module
  • for confined spaces


  • brake discs, gear wheels
  • cylinder heads
  • shaft-shaped workpieces


  • Gentle workpiece transport
  • arranged above the interlinking
  • first in, last out


  • large storage capacity with low space requirement in the area
  • fast reaction time
  • robust, low-maintenance storage concept
vertical workpiece storage

Storage and material flow system

The KBH vertical storage system is suitable both as a workpiece buffer for finished parts and as a material buffer of unfinished parts and semi-finished parts for a flexible production start.

In our example, brake discs were temporarily stored for the subsequent production steps to ensure a flexible and trouble-free production flow.

This significantly reduced downtimes in the production process.


Video - KBH Vertical storage

Video Workpiece storage systems

vertical magazine technical drawing

Vertical workpiece storage

Depending on requirements and production flow, the KBH vertical storage system can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers in terms of height and vertical workpiece storage.

Due to the solid construction of the workpiece storage, it is also possible to accommodate larger workpieces that are to be buffered during production.

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