Spare parts for KBH machines and installations

In the event of a defect in a specific machine part or a complete machine shutdown, it is essential to have fast help and a reliable partner. We at KBH have already proven this claim sustainably for many years in cooperation with various renowned customers.

The KBH spare parts service

A brief description of which parts of the relevant KBH installation or machine are defective is sufficient for us to make an initial diagnosis.

On this basis, we can discuss the further procedure with you and offer rapid assistance.

KBH spare parts service machine building automation

Help in the event of a machine breakdown!

Our offer is generally characterised by professional and quick assistance. At KBH, we know that our customers depend on the smooth running of everyday production. For this reason, we always offer fast help in the event of acute problems, such as breakdowns and machine standstills.

Our fast service keeps our customers' downtimes extremely low.

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