Maintenance and repair of KBH machinery and equipment

Regular and professional maintenance of production equipment ensures a long service life for the existing technology and thus increases the benefits for your own company. The maintenance of KBH machines and systems also increases safety in your company. This also significantly increases the service life of wearing parts.

Replacement of spare parts

If the wear of particularly stressed parts is already advanced, this can be detected in advance during regular maintenance.

The replacement of these spare parts can therefore be planned in a targeted manner. The provision of spare parts is often still possible at KBH, even for older machines and systems.

Maintenance and repair of KBH machinery and equipment

Our on-site repair service

However, should a KBH installation fail, we offer our customers a repair service directly on site. We always endeavour to carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

Our service technicians quickly analyse the sources of faults in your installations and decide whether it is necessary to replace individual parts or entire assemblies. In dialogue with our customers, the next steps are then discussed to ensure fast and fault-free production again.

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