KBH Straightening machines

Straightening machines with own integrated software

Do you need an individual straightening machine designed according to your requirements? We can offer you the right straightening machine for your company. We can look back on many years of experience and an international reputation in the field of precision straightening and pass this experience on to our customers.


Video - KBH straightening machine

Example straightening machine for shafts

Straightening machines exactly to your needs

With its own software, KBH straightening machines create individual solutions exactly to your needs. A robust design and simple operation ensure maximum productivity and economic efficiency of the KBH straightening machine in your company.

Crankshafts, gearshift forks, precision shafts or gearbox parts are straightened with the greatest precision and reliability in our straightening machines. Our range is rounded off with integrated conveyor systems. You have the choice between conveyor belts and special lifting step conveyors with which workpieces are fed directly to the straightening machine and then automatically returned to the material flow.

With all these advantages, a straightening machine from KBH is a good investment for your business.

Straightening machine for shafts

KBH straightening machines for shafts

Straightening machine for gear parts

KBH straightening machine for gear parts

The advantages of our straightening machines at a glance:

  1. The straightening process can be individually adapted on request.
  2. The straightening stroke is calculated automatically with the help of a learning algorithm.
  3. The direction and size of the straightening stroke has been optimised by our KBH software so that cracking of the parts to be straightened can be excluded.
  4. Unevenness on the various workpieces that cause measurement errors can be easily corrected using the "FFT Fast Fourier Transform" programme.
  5. Remote diagnosis and correction of straightening parameters is possible at any time via a separate interface and an online connection (Internet).
  6. Statistical evaluation - for your documentation and quality management - is also possible with our software.


Do you have any questions about our straightening machines or would you like individual advice? We are at your disposal!