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In our news section we offer you many interesting innovations and further developments from KBH Automation.

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Workpiece translator

KBH develops and produces workpiece translators with high repeat accuracy for industrial automation and mechanical engineering.

Indexing conveyor for heavy and asymmetrical workpieces

Two independent drive systems with frequency converters were used for this massive indexing belt in order to realise a separate feeding of two different workpieces.


Workpiece carriers / workpiece pallets

Modern automation technology and effective handling equipment are becoming increasingly important in industrial production. In addition to its versatile transport systems, KBH also offers dimensionally accurate workpiece carriers for safe and precisely positioned transport in industrial automation.

Adjustable lateral guidance

The safe transport and exact tracking of workpieces and blanks is one of the decisive features of good automation.


Solar technology

Solar technology will be one of the fastest growing industries in the coming years. The transport of sensitive photovoltaic modules, solar cells and solar panels can only be carried out successfully with specialised technologies.

Food industry

The food industry is also an interesting growth market for KBH. In this industry, small packaging units have to be transported safely and in a targeted manner.


Automation in the automotive industry

Because the automotive industry has to withstand enormous pressure to compete and succeed, only impeccable quality, correct adherence to specified development cycles and delivery according to the "just in time" principle guarantee success in the global market.