Workpiece buffer for shafts

KBH workpiece buffer for the automotive industry

This workpiece buffer was specially developed for shafts, which can buffer a large number of round workpieces in a compressed space. Here, the shafts are deposited and stored vertically, but conveyed horizontally to the transfer point. In the discharge area, a robot then takes over the provided shafts and transfers them to the next machining process. In this example, a shaft storage system was developed that provides a storage capacity of 1500 workpieces.


Video - KBH Workpiece buffer for shafts

Workpiece buffer for shafts - automation

Sophisticated solutions for storing workpieces in the automation system

By using workpiece storage systems, unplanned downtimes or disruptions in the production process can be bridged and cushioned without the material flow coming to a standstill. We at KBH design and manufacture well thought-out storage solutions for various industries and areas of application. Above all, the solid construction of our systems, with the aim of guaranteeing trouble-free use for our customers, is what sets us apart.


3D drawings - Shaft storage

The KBH shaft storage system can be designed in various versions and dimensions. It is the optimum buffer for round parts that are to be temporarily stored in larger quantities.

workpiece storage for shafts workpiece storage for shafts automation

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