KBH Automation

Automation in industry, the real key to success

Many sectors and industries experience incredible pressure to compete and succeed on a daily basis. Only impeccable quality, smooth development cycles and seamless supply chains secure industrial positions on the international market.

One company that meets these high demands is KBH. For many years, the traditional company has been developing individual solutions for an optimal material flow. From the interlinking of individual machines to loading portals for industrial automation to storage systems for workpieces and their transport systems, KBH offers a wide range of products to its customers.

KBH gantry loader

Gantry Loader

KBH palletizer


KBH machinery linking

Machinery Linking

KBH industrial-robots

Industrial Robots

KBH circular storage table

Circular Storage Table

KBH horizontal sorting magazine

Horizontal Sorting Magazine

KBH bunker magazine for shafts

bunker magazine for shafts

insert stack for shafts

Insert Stack for Shafts

Our successful concept for successful automation machines: Intelligent technologies combined with robust, durable designs. It is precisely this combination of sophistication, innovation and tradition that sets us apart from the crowd.

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