Prismatic Conveyor

Transport Conveyor for Shafts

A simple transport system for the arranged transport of shafts and pipes/tubes. A step belt can be used for the transport of waved workpieces to other machine tools or assembly machines.

prism stroke conveyor

Fields of application:

  • Feeding belt with manual workpiece placing
  • Cheap separating module
  • Waved workpieces


  • Transmission shafts, camshafts
  • Drive shafts, rear axle shafts
  • Distributor pipes
  • Steering gear racks


  • Step transport of a workpiece
  • Wear-resistant roller chain
  • Steel or plastic prisms (insertions)
  • Reverse cycle end (if required)
transport conveyor for shafts


  • simple belt assembly
  • cost-effective transport system
  • gentle transport of finished workpieces due to plastic prisms
  • the track spacing is individually adjustable depending on the workpiece size
  • transfer of workpieces possible via a lifting station or a lifting step conveyor


Video - KBH Prismatic Conveyor

In this video example, camshafts are fed for straightening via a prismatic indexing belt and inserted into the KBH straightening machine via a lifting step conveyor.

Technical drawing of a prismatic conveyor

These transport conveyors can be designed and manufactured in various lengths, chain widths, and sizes.

3D Technical drawing of a prismatic conveyor

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