Pallet Handling Equipment - Palletizing

High performance pallet handling equipment, palletizing

For the fully automated process of the palletizing of transported material, stackable on euro pallets or industrial pallets with variable charging model. For the final packing of various products in small and large quantities in one dairy flexible, a high performance pallet handling equipment fitted with 4-axis NC control has been developed.

Video - KBH palletizer

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Final packaging in dairy plants

A very high rate of approximately 1.1 s per package in combination with a smooth free change when products in the filling machine are changed allows for repeated production readjusting within a shift, allowing the economically favourable production of even small series of products to meet current market demand.

Through the use of this innovative pallet handling equipment, a dairy is able to respond flexibly to current market requirements with minimal employment of labour force.

palletizer KBH

Fields of application:

  • Final packing during dispatch from dairies
  • Stacking of cardboard boxes of all sizes

Examples of transported goods:

  • Four-way euro pallets 1,200x800x150 mm
  • Industrial pallets 1,200x1,000x150 mm
  • Stackable goods, such as trays (a type of cardboard boxes), etc.


  • Variable charging model, through an NC-distributor, optional rotary units, and multiple track pre-selection
  • Empty pallet magazine integrated
  • Combined stacking or stacking in columns
  • Option of using transport system with plastic chain
palletizer technical drawing

KBH palletizer technical drawing

In addition to the food industry, our palletising technology can also be used for other industries.

For example, automated applications in the printing industry as well as in other manufacturing industries are possible at any time. The individual transport and stacking elements can be adapted to the new requirements.

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