Insert stack for shafts

For tubes and shafts in different lengths and diameters.

The KBH magazine for rotary components is mainly used where step-by-step feeding into the next work process is necessary. The workpieces are transferred upwards in specific cycle units using a cascade technique. This makes a sorted transfer possible.

insert stack shafts

Field of application:

  • Magazine for shafts and tubes
  • for a cycle-controlled automatic machine


  • Rotationally symmetrical workpieces
  • Rotational components
  • Tubes and shafts


  • step-by-step feeding of the workpieces into the next work process
  • the transfer takes place in specific cycle units
insert stack for shafts


  • space-saving design
  • low-cost manufacture
  • largely maintenance-free
  • for workpieces of different lengths
  • the magazine can be changed over in a few minutes


Video - KBH Feed magazine for shafts

Video - magazine for shafts and tubes

Technical drawing - Insert stack for shafts

The KBH feed magazine has the task of transferring shafts and tubes sorted into the subsequent work process.

insert stack for shafts

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