Flat chain conveyor

Flat chain conveyor for the transport of workpieces in automation

A transport system with curvilinear advancement. For the transport of light and medium-weight workpieces that do not require pallet transport.

Conveyor for workpieces

A flat chain conveyor is used as a transport system for machined and unmachined parts. The transport of a part is carried out directly on the chain. With a flat hardened chain, also cast or forged surface semi-products, as well as workpieces with a smooth seating surface, can be transported. Before delivering to the next processing centre, workpieces can be separated and delivered one by one to the next work operation.

flat-chain-conveyor for workpieces

Fields of application:

  • Transport of workpieces directly on the chain
  • Dry and wet machining
  • Semi-products with a cast or forged layer
  • For resistant seating surfaces in any accumulating operation


  • For light- and medium-weight workpieces
  • Stable seating surface
flat chain conveyor


  • Economically saving
  • Modularly feasible
  • Extendable
  • Several belts can be placed one behind the other for long transport distances
  • Curves, downhill and uphill sections possible


Video - KBH Flat chain conveyor

Video - flat chain conveyor automation

Technical drawing – Flat Chain Conveyor

A flat chain conveyor is manufactured in various versions, lengths, and sizes.

Technical drawing 3D – Flat Chain Conveyor

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