Bunker Magazine – Shaft Storing

Bunker magazine for shaft storing

Video bunker magazine for shafts

A KBH bunker magazine serves to store and sort shafts and pipes/tubes.

Due to spatial separation from the machining unit and the workpiece magazine, it is possible to load a workpiece magazine concurrently during a machining process.

By means of a chain transport system, workpieces are transported one by one upwards into the machining area.

bunker magazine for shafts technical drawing

Application example:

  • For rotary components, tubes and shafts in different lengths.

Drive type:

  • Electric motors with spiroplane drives
  • Pneumatic cylinders for subsequent separation of the workpieces


  • High flexibility
  • Simple loading
  • Convenient feeding of individual parts


KBH Workpiece Magazine for Pipes, Tubes and Shafts

Feeding and sotting of shafts and tubes in automation for industrial processing.

bunker-magazine-for-shafts bunker-magazine-for-shafts bunker-magazine-for-shafts

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